Hey I finished The secret diary of Adria …

Hey I finished The secret diary of Adrian mole Aged 13 3/4! God that was the most disgusting,funniest book/diary I ever read! ;D I also finished a book called Lottie Biggs Is NOT desperate. It is about this fourteen year old girl who has been having these womanly urges if you know what I mean…(She want to have “it” with her boyfriend) While that is all happening her best friend is now friends with Lottie’s old best friend. So now they aren’t talking anymore. And everything is going all topsy-turvy. So now I am reading this book called The possibility of Fireflies. And this is the summary: “Fourteen-year old Ellie, her older sister, Gwen, and her mother have been toughing it out ever since Ellie’s father walked out on them. Ellie spends a lot of time alone, especially at night, when all she has to keep her company are the fireflies that flicker in the summer air . . . and the undying hope that someone will come and rescue her from her unhappy life.
Then one day Leo enters her dark world. Leo is handsome, older, and on his way to becoming a rock star. Ellie thinks that maybe he can be the one to save her. What she learns from Leo is that no one can save you – you have to find a way to save yourself.
So one night – one terrible, frightening, thrilling night – that’s exactly what Ellie decides to do.” ( copied from the back of the book) Right now I am on page 85 chapter 8. Just 132 pages and 8 chapters to go! Well that’s all for now see ya!!
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I finished reading Zombie blondes! That …

I finished reading Zombie blondes! That was a pretty scary book! I also started and finished reading a book called: Does snogging count as exercise? That one was also good but the one I am reading now is grosser and better and funnier than the last two! This one is called: The secret diary of Adrian Mole Age: 13 3/4. It is funny because his life is so pathetic that you start laughing at his life’s flaws! And he tells stuff that is pretty much only meant for boys.I think it is the best diary that I read.

I came back from the library today with like seven new novels to read. I am half way through “zombie blondes” and i am a little spooked out! but it is a really good book
. And that’s it for today.

I am reading this awesome book called ” …

I am reading this awesome book called “it’s not easy being bad”. I think it is a really good book to read.It is about two girls named Mikey and Margolo they are both in seventh grade. And ever since they walked through the door on their first day of school they were not popular. And now they are going to get this sort of club going and thats all I have read. I’ll keep you updated in future posts.

Voyage of the DAWN TREADER

 Hey I just finished this book called The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. I think it is a great book! this book is part of The Chronicles of Narnia series. And it is also the book that is Being turned into a movie that is coming out on December 1st. If the movie is going to be   like the book then this is going to be a very interesting movie. Oh and they are going to use a lot of special effects again. I think there is going to be a lot more than the other ones. Well that’s all I am going to write for this post.

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Re: dear readers

My new/old blog will be about my opinions and comments about things i have read and watched and what ever any thing else that you guys want to hear about. but nothing that deals with my life or anything that has to do with my personal life. so please comment about anything.

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