I think exams are like one of the few times where I actually study for hours. But you know it’s cool, I find that what helps me study is writing out things and even saying them out loud as I write them. It definitely helps me, for sure. Who knows, it might even help some other people who might struggle with studying notes and things like that. A good piece of advice is: try to stay come, if you get frustrated, walk away from what you were doing, have a glass of water or maybe read a book for a little bit,  and once you feel more or less calm, sit back down and get back at it. Happy studying!


Boy, are exams getting close!

Exams closer than ever before. Submitted my last summitive project, all that is left of the semester are the exams, then a six day break for me! The Feb. 6 is back to school. New classes, new teachers, and a whole bunch of new friends! Can’t wait until I get to meet some new people! It’s not like the ones I am around are boring, I just want to get to know some more people.

Woah, high school….

Exams are just around the corner, and boy am I stressed! I got one exam this friday then another one on monday. irst time experiancing exams too! Now I have to read through my entire science textbook, just to make sure that I will remeber eveything for the exam >n< I am in so much trouble! At least I got my friends that I can count on.