Boy, are exams getting close!

Exams closer than ever before. Submitted my last summitive project, all that is left of the semester are the exams, then a six day break for me! The Feb. 6 is back to school. New classes, new teachers, and a whole bunch of new friends! Can’t wait until I get to meet some new people! It’s not like the ones I am around are boring, I just want to get to know some more people.


Something for summer

Yes! Finally summer has arrived, time to get out my beach towel, my bikini and my great big summer fun bucket! But most of all getting ready to hang out with friends and family. High school is just around the corner. Can’t wait to go to high school, gonna be¬†so cool! Well better go get ready for some fun, until next time.


Sorry, again. . .

Hey people! ^^

Sorry for not blogging. I have no idea why I have stopped blogging, guess I’m just too lazy. Life has been good. I can’t belive it’s almost christmas! So many presents are under the tree already, and more to come ūüėČ My friend has helped me with drawing on ”paint”! If you have this one colour that you want to change into a different colour than there is a simple procedure that you have to follow.

  1. click on the button named “Pick Colour”
  2. left click the colour that you want to change
  3. right-click on the colour that you want to change it to
  4. click on the erasure
  5. do everything the same as if you’re erasing it, except click and hold the right button instead of the left

 And then you are all done! It has helped me a lot knowing this. Hope it will help you too ^^ Have fun and have a safe holiday >u<

Re: dear readers

My new/old blog will be about my opinions and comments about things i have read and watched and what ever any thing else that you guys want to hear about. but nothing that deals with my life or anything that has to do with my personal life. so please comment about anything.

~Maddie >w<

dear readers,


it’s Maddie. I¬†am sorry to those of u who read¬† this blog(if there are any ppl) my computer broke down and I¬†havent been able to add anything. All the pics that I¬†had planned¬†to add to this blog are now in the grave of my old computer. I am also starting a new blog(after I ask my parents). this blog will be just about me and my daily life so keep in touch.

~Maddie >w<

Cat girl

This is sideways


                                                 This a drawing that I did. 

                                                         Drawing- Me 

                                                         Colours- Andreea