Terms of use

Please follow and respect these terms of use.

  1. All images, photo’s,  comics and literature are all under the copyright of the owner
  2. In no case can any person under the age of 13 post a drawing, photo, comic,video, story or anything that is related to literature, but you may comment others
  3. If you are a person over the age of 20 please sign up for this artists domain: www.deviantart.com
  4. If you would like to copy any art work on this blog please ask permission from the owner
  5. If any of the comments or pictures, comics, stories, ect. are inappropriate I will delete them
  6. Keep it PG13 ppl!!!

               These are all the terms of use for now more will be added as time passes. Thank you and enjoy this blog.

                           ~Maddie (owner of this blog)


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